Analysis of Indonesian Joint Ministerial Decree against Ahmadiyya

Rafiq Mahmood, Bogor, West Java
On 9 June, 2008, following a long period of argument (in the form of downright vandalism and thuggery) and counter-argument (in the form of reasoned comment in the intelligent press and widely supported peaceful demonstration and representation), the Minister of Religious Affairs, the Attorney General and the Minister of the Interior finally gave way and issued their decree.
The ministers had claimed that they needed time to conduct thorough research and make sure that their decree was carefully drafted. They clearly did not have enough time and prematurely submitted to the baying of the hounds. It takes a long time to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and, sure enough, all they have managed to produce is a bucketful of hogwash. It is one of the most poorly drafted pieces of legislation possible and is almost completely devoid of meaning or reason. It is, none the less, incendiary and puts at grave peril the very peace, harmony and order it claims to protect.
Let’s go through it: